Posted on September 3rd, 2015 in Featured, General News

Falcon Expressions in Student Theatre (FEST) proudly presents 14 new student-written, student-directed, student-driven plays this Saturday at 7 pm. We hope that you will choose to join us as our students see the results of the last several months of work! This year’s shows include Off Her Rocker by Sasha and Maggie Sears and directed by Taylor Morris, a comedy about a family looking to put grandma in a retirement home…but grandma has other ideas; What You See by Bailey Webber and directed by Sara Allman, a think piece about first impressions and how they relate to reality; Diamonds by Jenna Sears and directed by Mac Roberts, a different look at Marilyn Monroe; A Flow of Aesthetics by Riley Eubanks and directed by Jenna Sears, a dystopic, post-apocalyptic rap musical (yeah….WAY different in all the good ways!); and a series of 10 1-minute shorts directed by Michael Mead. Tickets are $5 at the door, and proceeds benefit a scholarship fund that has been able to give seven $1,000 awards in the last 3 years.

Since 2012 FEST has become a highlight of the PMHS year and was honored with selection for the 2016 American High School Theatre Festival. This year’s show features a huge variety of works by 17 student writers. Tickets are $5 at the door.
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