Posted on December 8th, 2014 in Featured, General News

The Southport CyberCards robotics team competed in the fifth annual Lock Tight Night event.  The attending teams were given the rules to a VEX robotics game at 8:00 pm, had less than twelve hours to design, build, program, test, tweak, and perfect their robots, and had to be ready to play by 8:00 am the following day.

After the round-robin qualification rounds, the team was ranked 5th.  The CyberCards then went undefeated through the elimination rounds to clinch a victory over fifteen other student teams and three teams of professional engineers.  In addition, the CyberCards received the Community Service Award and the Engineers’ Choice Award.

The game, Salvage Operation, was played on a 4’x8’ field.  Loosely based on the Operation board game, each team had two minutes to pick components from below the board and place them in a scoring zone.

Participating students were Dylan Puckett, Bryce Hinton, Emily Wilson, CJ Wood, Tyler Hinton, Torey Dunn, Emma Cooper, Robbie Dobbins, Kobe Tasker, Zhuling Page, and Kaleb Wood.  They were coached by Jay Singleton and Mike Taylor.