Posted on March 4th, 2016 in Featured, General News

On Saturday, February 27, Perry Meridian’s Creative Writing Club hosted its third-annual Mr. Falcon competition. Mr. Falcon was instituted as a fundraiser to be able to pay for the full-color literary magazine (and keep cost down for students), but it has quickly turned into a large-scale school event as well. This year, sixteen men and their coaches competed for the crown. The Mr. Falcon title is bestowed upon the Falcon who earns the highest combined score from interviews, stage presence, a talent, the audience vote, and contribution to PMHS. This year’s second runner-up is Max Heyob, coached by Bailey Webber. This year’s first runner-up is Mitchell Garrity, coached by Jenni Castoe, and this year’s Mr. Falcon is Xavier Sayeed, coached by Jenna Sears. Max also won the Mr. Congeniality Award, as voted by the contestants and coaches, for his enthusiasm and respect throughout the entire process. Creative Writing Club will be selling Sandbox Utopia, this year’s literary magazine, once more after Spring Break.

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