Posted on May 20th, 2014 in Featured, General News

The district has undergone many changes and a process is underway to develop a brand for the school district.  Branding starts with designing a logo that not only symbolizes but reinforces the reputation of the organization.  The logo needed to be simple, scalable and reproducible, featuring a unique design element.  After nearly 2 years of work, on May 12th, the school board voted unanimously to adopt a new logo for the district.

The logodesign includes both P and S (‘P’ for Perry and ‘S’ for Southport) and the blue and red colors connect you to our district!  Surrounding the shield is laurel, a symbol of excellence, achievement and academics.  It incorporates a traditional font style called Chaparral.

The new logo will be formally introduced beginning July 1st on publications, signs and communications throughout the district and community.  The new logo marks a season of positive change and evolvement in our organization.