Posted on December 15th, 2015 in Featured, General News

Dr. Little and the Perry Township School board honored a group of Perry Township and IMPD officers, Monday night, who faced off with an armed fugitive on the grounds of Perry Meridian Middle School October 5th.  The district has spent years developing safety initiatives for incidents like this one and as Dr. Little pointed out thanks to this group of officers everything worked for the protection of students and staff on that Monday morning in October.

It was that morning a wanted fugitive in a high speed pursuit by local police and Federal Marshals decided to drive onto our property next to Perry Meridian Middle Schools football field. The school district immediately activated emergency plans to protect students and staff. Dr. Little said he was grateful and proud to say that the plan WORKED!  Staff members immediately went into a safe and secure mode within the classroom and our children were positioned out of harm’s way within seconds.  The brave IMPD officers secured the area around the school, surrounded the armed escapee, and subdued him.  The officers of IMPD, under the direction of Perry Townships Director of Security, Officer David Stalcup, were truly a godsend and addressed the escaped prisoner with swift and decisive action.  There was no doubt who was in charge of the situation.  Dr. Little stated the police force on the south side of Indianapolis is second to none.


Again Dr. Little thanked everyone for dealing with a situation we hope never happens again.

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