Posted on September 30th, 2015 in Featured, General News
Each year, we do a program called One Book, One Author, One School. We purchase a set of books from an author and all of our students read the books. This year, most of our students read The Dirt Road Home. We pick a couple of themes from the book and try to make a big deal with them. This year, our themes are second chances and sacrifice. During the past couple of weeks, we have held a drive for toiletries (connects with the book as the kids are in a juvenile detention center) and funds for Hunger Inc. We have collected a ton of stuff!! We also have a “second chances” wall on our cafeteria filled with times our students have been given a second chance. Our author, Watt Key comes Thursday so all of these things culminate Thursday and Friday.
One Book Donation Pyramid One Book Second Chance Wall