Posted on October 9th, 2015 in Featured, General News

Congratulations to Coach Kevin Sitzman and the Perry Meridian Middle boys soccer team for a perfect season. They finished with a 15-0 record. Sitzman’s squad set a record for goals scored in a season at 82 and assists at 32. The team is also on a 30 game undefeated streak, going back to October 2013.

Team members were Sergio Aguilar-Vargas, Bawi Sang Ceu, Stoney Hmung, Joseph Kam, Bawi Cung Lian, Duh Za Lian, James Lian, Nai Paul Lian, Ivan Ramirez, Bawi Rung, Luciano Salemi, Seth Sanchez, Cungawr Sang, Thang Sathing, Anthony Thang, David Siang Cung Thang, Phiar Thang, Za Thang, and Moses Lal Hruai Tluang.
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