Posted on January 20th, 2016 in Featured, General News

The Perry Meridian Middle School Falcons placed 6th out of 19 teams in the fourth annual Martin Luther King Invitational at Cathedral on January 18th. Earning ribbons for the Falcons were:

Discussion: Paw Paw Khima 3rd, Claire Bilodeau 4th, and Dillon Chappell 8th.

Radio: Lauren Franzetti 2nd.

Duos: Sarah Andresen & Jaclyn Coppack 6th

Extemporaneous Speaking : Diana Pyle 5th.

Impromptu: Nun Za Lian 8th

MLK Event: Dominick Heyob 4th

Original Oratory: Dominck Heyob 5th, Robby Simms & Allyson Haver 6th.

Poetry: Isabella Sandefer 4th

Prose: Sarah Andresen & Brianna Chamorro 4th.