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Rolls Royce is celebrating a century of innovation & Aerospace in Indianapolis this year. On Wednesday October 7th the company opened it’s doors to employees and invited guest’s including Perry Township Schools. It was a chance to showcase their aircraft engines and the planes that fly them. Perry Meridian’s robotics team, Cyber Blue and the CyberCards from Southport were special guest’s at the event. Cyber Blue demonstrated what its robot; 234 could do. For many years our school district has been proud to have Rolls-Royce experts mentor our students. The company has invested thousands of dollars into our robotics programs and that mission has led several of our students into various fields engineering.

For 100 years, Rolls-Royce and its predecessor companies have been engineering, designing and manufacturing advanced technology in the city of Indianapolis. Inventor and industrialist James Allison began his engineering business in 1915, laying the groundwork for what would become a global enterprise offering aerospace products and services – a century of innovation. This is an important year for Rolls-Royce – it marks not only 100 years of operations in Indianapolis, but 20 years since the company purchased the enterprise which Allison created. And it marks the beginning of a new century of innovation right here in the capital of Indiana.

Many innovative and legendary aircraft are powered by engines built here in Indianapolis. Those include famous World War II aircraft, such as the P-51 and P-38, all the way to “future legends” such as the V-22 and F-35B Lightning II.

Students who attended had  the opportunity to:

  • Speak with and learn from pilots, military aircraft crew members and people who design and build aircraft engines.
  • See aircraft up- close, including military aircraft such as the V-22 Osprey and commercial aircraft such as the Citation X+. There was also a full-size Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 aircraft engine!
  • Learn about the state’s largest aerospace company and the power systems they produce for land, sea and air.
  • Search for answers about our Centennial event to earn a keepsake from our event.

The event took place at the USPS Hub, on the north side of the Indianapolis Airport.

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