Posted on April 7th, 2014 in Featured, General News

PMHS Guidance Director, Mr. Brad Miller, visited Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy to advise students on preparing for their high school academic career.  Students helped form a “foundation” for their future using bricks labeled attendance, responsibility, behavior, motivation and effort.  Next, students added bricks to represent each of the high school courses needed to graduate.  Through this conversation, students also learned about diploma types, G.P.A., Dual Credit/AP courses and the Central Nine Career Center.  In the end, Mr. Miller asked students what part of this “wall” they are currently working on, and reiterated the importance of a strong foundation.  As he weakened that foundation, and bricks fell to the floor, students saw the symbolism hidden in this activity.  Students completed the Indiana Graduation Plan/Promise using the Indiana Career Explorer website.  This early guidance will help ensure a successful high school academic experience for these 6th grade students.