Posted on August 18th, 2014 in General News, News

Mrs. Bethany Gibson, Assistant Principal of Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy, visited teams of classrooms to encourage them on the R.O.A.D. to Success during their sixth grade year.  R.O.A.D. is an acronym that the school uses to communicate the school-wide expectations:  Respecting your peers, Owning your education, Addressing adults appropriately, and Demonstrating safe behavior.  Using author Stephen Covey’s “circle of control,” Mrs. Gibson led students through a discussion of what they can and cannot control and discussed some common scenarios that may challenge students’ decision-making skills.  As the year progresses, students can earn rewards by having clear “Driving Records” and “Road Blocks” cards, tools that are used to track  behavior and responsibility (respectively).  PMA students are off to a productive start down the R.O.A.D. to Success!