Posted on December 15th, 2015 in Featured, General News

The front office assistants at PMHS participated in a Gingerbread House Contest last week.  Each of the 7 periods were given one gingerbread house to build and decorate.  They were asked to be creative and were allowed to bring in additional items from home or could use only the items that came in the box.  After a week of decorating and fun, PMHS administrators, administrative council, counselors and secretaries were invited to judge the houses.  The Period 5 team members were the winners receiving twice as many votes.

Pictured L-R with their winning house are: Sung Tin Par (9), Michelle Frustero (12), Logan McSorley (9), Delaney Lucas (9), and Corey Miller (9). The winners received a stuffed falcon and other goodies for their creativity and participation.

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