Posted on July 22nd, 2016 in Featured, General News

For the second summer in a row, members of Perry Meridian’s Student Voice traveled to Orlando for the Jostens Renaissance National Conference with their principal Rolland Abraham. Faculty members Emily Steinmetz, Nikki Knight, and Jacqui Sheehan took eight junior and senior class officers (Michael Mead, Mesa Sebree, Olivia Kavanaugh, Emma Davidson, Raul Moreno, Luke Greenwood, Karly Fraker, and Molly Brodzeller) with the purpose of gaining ideas to improve school climate and culture. The weekend included keynote speakers ranging from Phil Boyte, a nationally-recognized climate and culture expert, to Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Sal Giunta. Students and faculty also attended breakout sessions led by students and teachers from schools across the country. Junior class representative Molly Brodzeller said the conference was important to her “because [she] got to talk one-on-one with students who told [her] how much Renaissance helps their school atmosphere and gave ideas about how to bring that to Perry.” 

At its root, the purpose of the JRNC is to energize educators and students, reminding them of the importance of going the extra mile to make sure every person in a school feels like he/she has a role to play. It is about giving all students recognition and giving all students a voice. Junior class president Raul Moreno said, ” Giving students a voice lets them take ownership of their school, and this forms a connection between it and the student. This bond and affection translate into positive culture because students feel that they are responsible for the well-being of their school.” 
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