Posted on September 25th, 2015 in Featured, General News
Here are the Perry Meridian Middle School 8th Grade Students of the Month for August 2015.
Abigail Stanish, Allie McKay, Carson Eastwood, Chloe Rodgers, Christopher Wainscott, Delaney Elliott, Dominick Heyob, Ethan Cooley, Floricel Cuchcatla, Francisco Tapia, Grace Gentry, Isaac Hnin, Jacob Mattingly, Jeffery Wells, Jennifer Garcia, Kali Adams, Kara Kenzig, Kayla Hood, Khei Paw, Maria Miller, Mason Jones, Mercy Tial, Rachel Bales, Ram Hmung, Samanatha Fleener, Tyler Timbs, and Zackary Bunnell.  This month’s Student of the Month luncheon was sponsored by Teddy’s Burger Joint.