Posted on April 19th, 2016 in Achievements, Featured, General News

Eighth grade students of the month have recently been honored at Perry Meridian Middle School.   Students nominated by staff members included Alejandra Aguilar, Bethany Johnson, Brinna Camden, Chloe Braasch, Chris Tello, Elizabeth Brown, Emalei Mendenhall, Gavin Blakey, Grace Board, Hannah Bargue, Irving Silva Contreras, Jenny Zual, Jesse Utke, Jordyn Buttz, Mercy Tial, Nathen Bowsher, Noah Stepleton, Pengza Tihi, Robert Simms, Sara Allen, Savannah Grayson, Siang Par, Sui L. Par, Van Mawi, and Zoe Spray.  Students received a lunch catered by Teddy’s Burger Joint, located at 2222 West Southport Road.