Posted on January 14th, 2016 in Featured, General News

We have been talking about hibernation – when animals sleep all winter long – this week at school.  We have talked about several animals that hibernate – bears, frogs, squirrels, gophers, snakes, raccoons, chipmunks, ladybugs, and bees.  We have also introduced addition since coming back from winter break.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, we played an addition game using bears and adding them together in a cave.  Two people played the game together.  The first person rolled the dice and added that many bears to the cave.  Then, the second person did the same.  We took all the bears out of the cave to count how many bears were in the cave all together.  Finally, the students wrote out the addition problem.  The students are really beginning to understand the words plus, add, equals, and all together.

IMG_4830IMG_4817 IMG_4802