Posted on November 17th, 2014 in Featured, General News

After a successful Red Ribbon Week at PMA, Mrs. Eisenbarth’s homeroom class celebrated with a pizza lunch and prizes for being crowned the winners of the week long door decorating and dress up theme challenge!  Through the week, students in all homerooms worked with their class to create a display to match a drug free theme.  Mrs. Eisenbarth’s theme was “Follow Your Dreams, Not Drugs.”  On Friday, all students dressed to their theme, and we could the winning class dressed in the style of the career they one day hope to serve in.  In addition to the door decorating and dress up day, students created informative posters about the dangers of drugs.  These posters displayed around the school, and each day, questions were asked on announcements.  Students who found and submitted the answers to these questions, were entered into a drawing for Red Ribbon Week themed prizes.  Students also viewed several short videos from the Natural High series, showing them the importance of choose a positive alternative to drugs.