Posted on December 10th, 2015 in Featured, General News
The Physical Education department at Southport High School will be starting a unit in the spring semester on a bean bag toss game. The Computer Integrated Manufacturing class was asked to design and create boards for the project. The class of nine students was split into three groups; each group created a design and presented a bid to the PE teachers. The PE department selected one of the designs; the CIM class then spent five weeks constructing 24 boards and two rolling carts.
The CIM students created full CAD drawings of each part, made a full bill of materials, acquired the raw stock, created assembly drawings, assigned fabrication roles, and built all boards and carts from scratch.
After selecting a project manager, students tracked their progress throughout the build. They created an algorithm to minimize waste, and created an assembly routine.
The nine CIM students spent roughly 130 hours completing the process. Overall, they cut 47 2x4s to length, angle, and machined a curve on the legs; they crafted 11 4×8 sheets of plywood to custom fit each board assembly; they individually sanded and painted each board.
Students, L-R: CJ Wood, Zhuling Page, Austin Walton, Chris Finley, Chase Cawthorne, Torey Dunn, Serge Slaughter, Eddie VanBaale, Thomas Longshore
To see several more pictures of the students in action log onto the Perry Township Schools Facebook page.
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