Posted on May 31st, 2016 in Achievements, Featured, General News

Congratulations Southport High School Class of 2016

Retiring Southport Principal Barbara Brouwer oversaw her tenth and final commencement ceremony Friday night.

Graduates and their families packed the SHS Fieldhouse to see over 500 seniors get their diplomas. Congratulations to all graduates and their families for achieving this great milestone.

SHS-389 SHS-513 SHS-590 SHS-152 SHS-167 SHS-174 SHS-197 SHS-212 SHS-307 SHS-378 SHS-361 SHS-529 SHS-395 SHS-412-2 SHS-414 SHS-431 SHS-464 SHS-499 SHS-541 SHS-073 SHS-087 SHS-098 SHS-161 SHS-190 SHS-181 SHS-204 SHS-207 SHS-213 SHS-237 SHS-275 SHS-288 SHS-350 SHS-054 SHS-105 SHS-144 SHS-200 SHS-230 SHS-235 SHS-249 SHS-294 SHS-296 SHS-324 SHS-361 SHS-525 SHS-547 SHS-600