Posted on March 23rd, 2016 in Achievements, Featured, General News
The Southport High School Dance team competed at the State Competition. They earned the highest total points award, received an ultimate star rank and were awarded 1st place in the State of Indiana!  Since competing at the State competition, the SHS dance team has earned two State Titles and one 2nd place trophy.  Congratulations on an amazing season!
Along with the team competition, Anna Smith, Nadyah Baker, and Brittany McKinnie (the team’s senior captains) competed in the all star trio category. The ladies received a high superior rank and an overall 2nd place.  Yuke Yu also competed in the solo category. She received a superior rank and 7th overall (out of 17).  Finally, Nadyah Baker received the highest honor for her captains’ salute, showcase star!
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