Posted on October 6th, 2015 in Featured, General News

We would like to thank all of the Perry Township Schools staff who helped deal with yesterdays incident near Perry Meridian Middle School. To no ones surprise everyone stopped what they were doing and pitched in focusing on our kids by taking phone calls and calming parents letting them know their children were safe.

We’re also grateful to our parents for their patience, understanding, and kind words as we were placed under lock down for a period of time.

We would especially like to thank PMMS Proud Principal Dave Rohl, Ed.S. for his unique ability in reaching out to his students and staff and helping them deal with the situation before police arrived inside the school. He of course credits his staff who did exactly what they are trained to do in this type of scenario. PMHS Principal Rolland Abraham also credited his staff who had to go into lock down during a passing period which is no easy task. Principal John Ralston and his staff also executed the lock down without incident. We’re extremely proud of the staff at all three buildings for the way in which they handled the situation.

Perhaps most importantly we want to thank our Perry Township Schools Police Department under the Direction of Mr. Dave Stalcup. They were on top of the situation from the time the suspect pulled onto our property. We also want to thank the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department for their work yesterday in dealing with a wanted fugitive who happened to drive onto our school grounds. IMPD does this sort of work every day but when they have to do their job quickly and decisively on our property we’re especially grateful for the risk’s they take to protect us. One thing you don’t always hear about are those officers who work behind the scenes who come into the school and help students deal with what happened. “They were highly trained in counseling and calming our students and helping them feel at ease”, stated Mr. Rohl.

We also appreciate the media at the scene for their accurate coverage of the story as it unfolded as well as their sensitivity to the situation which involved three of our schools.

Again thank you to everyone for dealing with a situation we hope never happens again.