Child Nutrition

Perry Township Schools Child Nutrition Department is committed to a variety of nutritious meals at the lowest possible cost to students, parents, and taxpayers. Because nutrition plays a vital role in helping students stay focused and energized throughout the day, we strive to provide quality options to aid our students’ readiness to learn. Breakfast and lunch are served daily at low and reduced prices for students who qualify. Click the link below to view menus, payment methods, and nutrition tips.



Contact Information

Glenda Hawthorne


Glenda Hawthorne

Cafeteria Manager



Lunch Visitor Policy

At GV, we understand that there may be special times when parents and grandparents want to come and visit with their student at lunch time. Please understand that these visits do disrupt the normal flow of the cafeteria so some restrictions do exist. We appreciate your cooperation in the following:

  • It is our responsibility to see that legal guardians are aware of any adult who spends time with their child at school, so parents, please send a note, or call the school if someone is coming for lunch. Without your permission,
    non-guardians will not be allowed to visit for lunch. (This permission is
    intended for grandparents only/ We ask that extended family not be asked to visit during lunch)
  • Please be aware that the school district is reimbursed for a portion of student lunches, thus adult lunches cost more.
  • In order to plan for the extra lunches are that going to be purchased that day, Please call the cafeteria at 789-2845 by 9:00 a.m. on the day you plan to be visiting for lunch so a lunch can be prepared for you.
  • Due to nutritional restrictions, we cannot allow outside fast food (Taco Bell, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway, etc.) to be brought into the cafeteria by visitors for our students. If it is your wish to have this kind of meal, students will be brought to another space to eat with you. Other students will not be allowed to leave the lunchroom to “eat with their friends”.
  • Parents (only) may pick-up their children and take them out for lunch, as
    long as the child returns before the end of the recess period.
  • Parents and visitors are asked to leave when lunch ends. We do not allow
    guests on the playground at recess for safety reasons.