Mrs. Mull

Teacher’s Favorite Things

Name: Kayla Mull
Room: 23
Birthday: November 1
Grade: 2

Favorite Cold Beverage: Diet Coke

Favorite Hot Beverage: Coffee

Favorite Candy: Anything chocolate

Favorite Snack Food: Popcorn

Favorite Restaurant: Mexican, seafood, Italian (not picky!)

Favorite Store: Bed, Bath & Beyond

Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite University: Ball State

Favorite Sports Team: Pacers

Favorite Sport or Hobby: Hiking/dog walks

Favorite Author: Hiking/dog walks

Favorite Book: Anything “Lord of the Rings”

Favorite Flower: Lilies

Classroom Wish List

  • Chapter books
  • headphones
  • notebooks
  • folders