Mrs. Couch

Teacher’s Favorite Things

Name: Kim Couch
Room: 45
Birthday: December 19
Grade: 4

Favorite Cold Beverage: Cherry Coke

Favorite Hot Beverage: Starbucks – Chai tea latte

Favorite Candy: Anything chocolate, but I love Kit Kats and Snickers

Favorite Snack Food: Skinny Pop

Favorite Restaurant: Panera Bread

Favorite Store: Target or Meijer

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite University: IU

Favorite Sports Team: Colts

Favorite Sport or Hobby: I love to read, enjoy playing tennis with my boys

Favorite Author: (Adult) Karin Slaughter, (Children’s books) Too many to name!

Favorite Book: “The Cricket in Times Square” or “Sneetches”

Favorite Flower: Daisy

Classroom Wish List

  • Dollar Store headphones/earbuds
  • pencils
  • white board markers