Posted on January 8th, 2020 in Frequently Asked Questions

Sustaining from consuming a particular food due to religious or personal preferences (i.e. “no pork”) does not meet the ADA definition of medical disability; therefore, the school food authority is not required to make substitutions or menu accommodations. While Perry Township Schools do not make special menus for such preferences, we do offer meal flexibility through Offer vs. Serve. Under this provision, students are offered all 5 components of the school lunch pattern (meat/meat alternative, grain, vegetable, fruit, and milk) and they may select 3 to 5 of these components for it to qualify as a meal, with at least one those components being a fruit or vegetable. This provision allows students to decline certain foods due to such preferences while still counting as a reimbursable meal.

In addition, we are pleased to offer a variety of foods and multiple entrée choices that allow students to continue participating in our school food service programs that provide nutritious meals on a daily basis. Vegetarian entrées offered include PB&J sandwiches, salads, and select entrées at various locations. Some salads do contain meat; however, the meat can be eliminated on the salad with advanced notice to allow the Child Nutrition Staff time to prepare accordingly.

The Child Nutrition Department can also flag a student’s account with instructions, such as “no pork,” as requested for religious reasons. The cashier will make every effort to check that student’s tray to verify that it meets the restrictions. Lastly, all students are allowed to bring food from home to accommodate personal or religious food preferences.