Posted on May 21st, 2018 in Featured, News

Congratulations, Craig Hendrick, Perry Township Schools’ Teacher of the Year! Superintendent Pat Mapes surprised the Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy STEM Teacher with the award during a special assembly. The announcement was met with cheers from all of the students and staff who were packed into the gymnasium.

Mr. Hendrick shows concern for his students’ goals, ambitions, fears, and hopes, and students look forward to his daily classroom handshake. Several years ago, he organized a Guys Read club which provides students with extra reading support and mentoring. As students advanced to higher grades, they asked Mr. Hendrick if they could still be involved in the group. Now, Guys Reads includes students in grades six through eight.

Mr. Hendrick also inspires students by using innovative practices, such as Legos, 3-D printers, model rockets, and hot wheels. With his guidance, students use technology as a tool to help them understand how the subject matter is relevant to the real world.

Mr. Hendrick also works cooperatively with his peers. In fact, he organizes a yearly professional day with colleagues to observe other classrooms around the district. He’s also known to occasionally visit his coworkers during his prep period, so he can learn from them. In addition, Mr. Craig leads professional development every summer and helps with new teacher training.

Mr. Hendrick is a fixture at after-school activities. He regularly attends athletic events, concerts, spell bowl, and math bowl. He’s the epitome of professionalism in and out of the classroom.

The NEA Foundation even named Mr. Hendrick as one of the 48 public school educators to become a member of the 2017 class of Global Learning Fellows. He will spend a year building global competency skills — the capacity to understand and act on issues of global significance. With the support of this fellowship, Mr. Hendrick plans to visit South Africa this summer to learn from teachers abroad.

Mr. Hendrick, who is in the process of getting his second masters in English Language Learning, is a shining example for all.