Posted on May 21st, 2019 in Featured, News

Congratulations, Doug Wampler, Perry Township Schools’ 2019 Teacher of the Year!

Mr. Wampler was nominated by Ms. Powell, Ms. Tennell, Ms. Delon, and Ms. Marias for his heart, and passion for teaching students.  Doug asks students the proverbial “why” question to ignite their thinking process. Superintendent Pat Mapes surprised Mr. Wampler with the award during a special assembly on Monday afternoon. The announcement was met with cheers from all students and staff who were packed into the gymnasium.

Mr. Wampler teaches English at Perry Meridian High School. He spends his time during Blu63 sitting with and helping kids get caught up in his class and working with them to be successful in the future. His compassion and concern are authentic and evident to anyone who spends time in his room.

Mr. Wampler is always willing to try new strategies and technologies for the benefit of his students. He  uses multiple interaction strategies such as MicroLab, Hot Seats, interactive note-taking, and consensus maps. He even uses Padlet, Socrative and EdPuzzle to incorporate technology into his teaching.

Mr. Wampler consistently collaborates with the English Department and is always happy to help when needed! Last year, he piloted an EL co-teaching program with an EL teacher in the building to help better reach and serve our EL population.

Mr. Wampler is a faithful and active participant in the weekly cluster professional development meetings. He always comes in with the attitude and mindset to learn something new and diligently works towards incorporating new learning from professional development into his classroom for the improvement of students.

Mr. Wampler takes a great interest in cluster/professional development. Doug is always eager to try new things and he is highly reflective.  He assists his peers, provides resources and morale support. He always strives to come up with creative ideas for implementing new strategies and refining them to be the most effective for kids.

For all these reasons and more Mr. Wampler has been selected as Perry Township Schools’ 2019 Teacher of the Year.

Congratulations Mr. Wampler!