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Dear Perry Township Families,

Thank you for choosing Perry Township Schools for 2018-19! It is our privilege to educate every student who walks through our doors, and we do not take your trust for granted. In addition to offering every child a 21st century learning experience, we also make school safety a priority, especially in these challenging times. We have several policies and programs in place to help us provide a safe environment to all students, staff, parents, and visitors.

School Police
Under the leadership of Chief David Stalcup, our Perry Township School Police Department is a constant presence within our school community. The Department consists of 10 full-time and nine part-time officers who patrol each of our 22 schools daily. They also provide security at school and district events, as deemed necessary. The Department’s K-9 unit detects the presence of drugs, alcohol and explosives on school property, as needed.

Disaster Drills
Our police officers lead “Run. Hide. Fight.” training in each of our schools. The “Run. Hide. Fight.” response plan teaches educators and students what to do in the event of an active shooter situation. We are required, by law, to perform one of these drills each semester. Teachers and administrators also lead one tornado drill per semester and one fire drill per month.

Secure Entrances
At each school, entryways are designed so visitors must be admitted to the school office before gaining access to secure areas of the building.

Starting in 2018-19, changes will be made to the way both district employees and visitors access the schools.

Guests will be required to present a driver license or other acceptable form of government-issued identification before signing in.

All district employees will receive a personalized ID badge that will allow front office staff at each school to match the employee’s face to the photo on the badge.

Video surveillance camera systems also help administrators monitor activity at each building.

Safety Committee
Our safety committee consists of building administrators, central office staff, and School Police who meet monthly to review and revise our safety procedures.

Each building and central office staff member on this committee is a School Safety Specialist through the Indiana Department of Education’s School Safety Specialist Academy.

Information on the academy can be found at

School Safety Specialists must attend two professional development days per year at the Indiana School Safety Academy to remain certified.

Counselors & Social Workers
School counselors are available to help students navigate academics, mental health, and social challenges. Guidance departments and teachers receive ongoing training on how to recognize students who need support, so they can appropriately intervene.

Social workers are also available to assist students, families, and teachers in addressing problems that could negatively affect the student’s emotional growth or academic outcomes.

Safety Hotline
Our Safety Hotline was created for students to report situations such as drugs, bullying, and threats of violence. The number is 317.789.3905.

This hotline is intended for students who may not feel comfortable reporting an incident to a school official in-person.


We take seriously the safety of all our students. We pride ourselves in being prepared for these rare, but very possible events.


Pat Mapes

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