Posted on February 28th, 2019 in News

Recently, we’ve been alerted to concerns from community members regarding the recent, and national resurfacing, of the disturbing internet ‘Momo Challenge.’

This viral game starts by challenging the receiver (generally a child or young teen) to perform small tasks, quickly escalating to more serious violent acts, and requesting photographic evidence. The game also promises death to those who don’t comply.

The challenge has been found on Facebook and WhatsApp. While many say these types of challenges are a hoax, students sometimes play these games out of curiosity and harm themselves, regardless of the creator’s original intent. The search term ‘Momo’ has been blocked within the district to reduce the likelihood of student access from our network.

Parents of children with social media accounts are encouraged to discuss this type of online activity, as well as monitor their child’s social media use. For more information on the hoax, view this information from Smart Social.

Information linked here from Child Mind Institute and Parenting offer more insight and guidance on monitoring children’s social media usage.