Posted on April 1st, 2019 in News

Perry Township Schools 

Now accepting Choice applications for 2019-20!

National award winner Perry Township Schools welcomes students from neighboring districts, as facilities and programs can accommodate. Limited space for students who live outside of the district is available at select schools listed below.

Enroll your student at Perry Township Schools, the first recipient of the National Award of Excellence for Educator Effectiveness by the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching!

Kindergarten Academy

Douglas MacArthur Kindergarten Academy – 10 spaces
Homecroft Kindergarten Academy – 13 spaces
Jeremiah Gray Kindergarten Academy – 15 spaces
Rosa Parks Kindergarten Academy – 14 spaces

Elementary School

Clinton Young Elementary – 20 spaces (Grade 4 only)
Glenns Valley Elementary – 10 spaces (Grade 5 only)
Jeremiah Gray Elementary – 10 spaces (Grade 5 only)
Southport Elementary – 10 spaces (Grade 4 only)

Middle School

Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy – 2 spaces
Southport 6th Grade Academy – 15 spaces
Perry Meridian Middle School – 30 spaces total
– 14 spaces in 7th Grade
– 16 spaces in 8th Grade
Southport Middle School – 127 spaces total
 – 35 spaces in 7th Grade
 – 92 spaces in 8th Grade

Inter-District Choice applications will be accepted through May 3, 2019.


More information about School Choice