Posted on January 2nd, 2018 in Featured, News

Perry Township Schools is pleased to announce its participation in Goodwill’s seventh annual Township Youth Donation Drive, running throughout the month of January. Students, parents and neighbors of our school are encouraged to donate at least two 13-gallon bags or copier boxes filled with clothes, books, toys, electronics and other goods to local Goodwill stores. Donors can bring larger items such as furniture, too.

Schools will receive credit any time a donor tells a Goodwill employee that the donation is in support of a specific, participating school. For every 13 gallons donated, the school will receive a $5 Goodwill voucher which can be given to families in need.

The annual drive is truly a win-win for our families and Goodwill whose collection and sales of donations employs 2,000 people who have limited job options. Many face employment barriers ranging from disabilities to limited education. The collection and sale of donated goods allows Goodwill to provide jobs and services to its employees and others.