About the Counseling Department

The purpose of the guidance department at Perry Meridian Sixth Grade Academy is to provide for the social, emotional and academic needs of our students in order to promote personal development and academic achievement.

The role of the school counselor is multi-faceted.​ The counselor serves as an advocate for students and works to facilitate communication between students, staff members, parents, and other agencies in order to enhance student success. The counselor serves students through school-wide programs addressing educational planning, character education, peer relations and provides individual counseling for personal/social concerns. The department also handles enrollment/withdrawal, attendance, appointments, scheduling and orientations. Other student support services in action at PMA include a social worker, child psychologist, school nurse, Adult and Child partnership, and special needs staff.

School Counseling is for everyone! ​Common topics that are addressed with students:

  • goal setting
  • personal organization
  • project planning
  • peer conflict resolution
  • getting along with teachers
  • reducing anxiety
  • loss of a loved one
  • dealing with a serious illness
  • moving/transition
  • dealing with divorce
  • stress management
  • anger management
  • depression/sadness
  • Self-esteem
  • or whatever else your child might need!

How to get HELP

There are a few ways a student can get connected with the school counselor:

Did You Know? ​School Counselors have specific training in therapeutic techniques, group counseling, consultation and topic specific issues? The Indiana Department of Education publishes Content, Program, and Student Competency Standards for school counselors? School Counseling is so much more than “guidance” these days! ​Click here to see that information.