High School, College & Career

Programs at PMA that address this Domain

  • Classroom Lessons – Counselor and teachers deliver classroom lessons throughout the year to assist students in developing social/emotional skills. Topics vary year to year based on need.
  • Career Fair – Professionals from the community come in to share the paths that led them to their career. Students rotate through stations, recording key information about post-secondary details that were needed for each job field.
  • Career Interest Inventory – Student use Indiana Career Explorer to complete the 6th grade career interest inventory and identify a few jobs that fit in the suggested career fields in their results. Students will also have the opportunity to research their resulting areas. They will develop a career plan that will be revisited at semester. Students begin a resume for a job that they researched online.
  • College Week/ Month – During College Week/Month, students learn abut types of colleges through video announcements and corresponding response sheet. We use the Learn More Indiana 6th Grade Magazine to share information with students and parents.
  • High School Diploma Lesson  – Students use resources from the State of Indiana to learn about what it takes to graduate from high school and the different diploma options.
  • Naviance– Naviance is a college and career readiness platform used by students in our district for grades 6-12. 6th graders will complete a learning styles inventory and career cluster finder using this program.

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