High School, College & Career

Programs at PMA that address this Domain

  • Classroom Lessons – Counselor and teachers deliver classroom lessons throughout the year to assist students in developing social/emotional skills. Topics vary year to year based on need.
  • Career Interest Inventory – Students take a career cluster survey to help them identify the career clusters that best fit their skills and interests. Students will also have the opportunity to research their resulting areas in our Virtual Career Fair platform.
  • Virtual Career Fair – Professionals from the community share the paths that led them to their career. After taking an interest inventory, students explore videos through our virtual career fair platform to learn key information about post-secondary details that were needed for each job field.
  • What’s After High School Lesson – Students learn about a variety of options for life after high school. We use the Learn More Indiana 6th Grade Magazine to share information with students and parents.
  • High School Graduation Lesson – Students use resources from the State of Indiana to learn about what it takes to graduate from high school and the different diploma options.
  • Naviance – Naviance is a college and career readiness platform used by students in our district for grades 6-12. 6th graders will complete a learning styles inventory using this program.

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