Social/Emotional Support

Programs at PMA that address this Domain

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling​ – Counselor or outside agencies (such as Girls Inc or Young Champions) lead small group sessions to assist students in specific social/emotional skills. Topics vary year to year based on need.
  • Classroom Lessons​ – Counselors deliver classroom lessons throughout the year to assist students in developing social/emotional skills. Topics vary year to year based on need.
  • Library Nook Set Up​ – A special area will be developed in our school library that highlights books available for students to check out in the areas of personal, social and academic development.
  • Minute Meetings​ – At multiple points through year, ideally August, January and May, counselors will conduct minute meetings will every student in the building.
  • Creating Positive Relationships​ – PE teachers are trained to deliver this program to address healthy life choices. A letter is sent home to inform parents.
  • Second Steps – is a social emotional curriculum implemented by teachers Thursday and Friday during Flex period.
  • Red Ribbon Week​ – Red Ribbon Week activities include presentations over announcements that describe the risks of several drugs and the benefit of staying drug free.

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