Academic Resources (Tutoring)

Academic Help for Students

You can receive help from your teacher during advisory. You must sign up with your teacher to be signed out .

Tutoring options

If you are struggling in any of your classes, there are ways to get help!

Meet with your Success Coach:

Class of 2022: Ms. Emily McDuffee,

Class of 2023: Mr. Trevor Byrd,

Class of 2024: Mr. Marvin Campbell,

Class of 2025: Miss Megan Eder,

Class of 2021 and 2022: Carissa Walls

Your success coaches will provide academic and organizational support.

Math Lab With Mr. Slack:

Are you struggling with your math class?

Mr. Slack is available during the school day in the Math Office (Rm 2-9A): 

Advisory on Wednesday: Sign up on the list on door 2-9A

After School on Monday and Wednesday: By appointment

Need a pass?  Get one from your math or study hall teacher.

SOS Math  MathPlanet

Call, email or chat with a Rose Hulman student for free math and science help go to or call 1-877-275-7673 for help.


Spanish Site: Great website for skill building.

All World Languages: This website will help you review vocabulary and grammar.


The PE Department offers a Resource Fitness Lab and Pool Lab during advisory.  The Fitness Lab allows students the opportunity to improve their fitness levels and fitness scores, or make-up missed work.  The Pool Lab gives students an opportunity to make-up participation on missed water fitness days or swim unit days, and make-up skills tests.  You sign up on the sheet in the Main Gym by Mrs. Treat’s Office (Room 1K) by Tuesday.


For math and science help, please email Mrs. Heckel at

For English and social studies help, please email Mrs. Clodfelter


EL Resource Room is open to any EL students to usd for homework help during 

their study hall.  Come to the Resource Room or an EL teacher to get a pass to get out of study hall.  Spanish, Chin and Burmese translation is available.

After School Tutoring

When: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00pm-3:30pm

Where: Think Tank (by the IMC)

BACI Leadership/College Success Club for PMHS Students:

Students are eligible to apply for an exciting and innovative program to help students succeed in high school and beyond.  If you are interested, you must contact the BACI office at 317-731-5537 or Mr. Lian Sang at