Falcon Career Resources

In our department, one of our main cornerstones is preparing students for life beyond the school walls. Here you will find valuable resources students can use to aid them in their career development and exploration.


EXploration Tools:



Naviance is a college and career readiness software that we partner with to provide students with college planning and career assessment tools. 

Indiana Career Explorer

Indiana Career Explorer is a tool for students to explore and plan for their future career goals.

Career Finder

Career Finder empowers students to explore career possibilities based on their interests.


O*Net has detailed descriptions of jobs rooted in data and student interests, that allow students to gain necessary information in alignment with their career goals.

Next Level Jobs

This resources provides free training for in-demand jobs in Indiana.

Work Based Learning

What is Work based learning?

  • Work based learning provides an opportunity to be considered for employment and career exploration in your field of interest. By participating in this program, you indicate that you are sincerely interested in receiving on-the-job training.

Why is work based learning valuable?

  • Work based learning allows student to expand on their experience and build their resume while earning an income.

Work Based learning resources: