Dress Code

For ALL Students:

  1. Hats, head coverings, sunglasses, curlers, or slippers are prohibited. Students with a religious objection may apply for an exemption.
  2. Clothing and jewelry which include depictions or symbols of the following are prohibited:
    • sex or sexual innuendo;
    • lewd, vulgar, indecent, or plainly offensive speech, including profanity;
    • violence, destruction of property, or advocating the use of force;
    • urging violation of the law or school regulations;
    • alcohol, drugs, or tobacco;
    • anything which substantially or materially disrupts the school environment.

For Students in High School:

  1. Pants or skirts must be worn at the waist.
  2. Pants must be knee-length or longer and have no overt holes, cuts, tears, or frays.
  3. Dresses and skirts must be near knee-length.
  4. Pajamas or similar nightwear are prohibited.
  5. All tops must have sleeves.