About Early College

Who are we?

Perry Meridian Early College High School (PMEC) was established to provide a unique higher education experience in a high school setting through a partnership between Perry Township and Vincennes University. Working together to prepare students to pursue higher education experiences, the partnership strives to provide appropriately prepared students with a General Education Core Certificate or an Associate’s Degree as the student achieves a Core 40 high school diploma.

Philosophy of Early College

“Early College high school is a bold approach, based on the principle that academic rigor, combined with the opportunity to save time and money, is a powerful motivator for students to work hard and meet serious intellectual challenges” (Boyle, Mosier, & Perkins, 2013).

Why Early College?

To CHALLENGE and inspire students in preparation for the rigor of collegiate academics
To LINK the high school experience to collegiate success through rigor, application, and financial planning
To INCREASE the success rate of college transition
To MOTIVATE students by increasing relevance and building internal vision
To BUILD a supportive environment that students own

C.L.I.M.B: Challenge, Link, Increase, Motivate, & Build