Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the referendum is not renewed?

  • Larger class sizes in all schools
  • Elimination of Project Lead The Way courses in all buildings
  • Elimination of High School Courses in Art, Music, Band, and Physical Education
  • Elimination of extracurricular Assistant Coaching positions: football, basketball, band, golf, baseball, softball
  • Reduction of middle school extracurricular programs
  • Walk zones for students who live close to school instead of providing all students transportation to and from school

What is an Operating Referendum?

An Operating Referendum is when the school district asks its voters to approve a tax to support the operating costs of educating the students in the school district. In 2015 voters in Perry Township approved a .4212 tax for the Operational Fund of the school district. The Operational Fund allows the district to fulfill the shortfalls in properly funding the schools to meet the needs of all of our students.

How do I vote?

Visit or scan the QR code below to check your registration status, register to vote, and learn more about voting in Indiana.

Voter Registration QR Code

When is the election?

The primary election will be held on May 3, 2022. As the election date gets closer, we will provide updates on polling locations and hours.

Please note: you must be registered to vote no later than April 8, 2022 to vote in the May 3, 2022 election.

What does the referendum support?

  • 193 Teaching positions across the district in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. In Business, Art, Music, Project Lead The Way, Elementary, classrooms.
  • 20 Assistant Principals in all levels of buildings
  • 17 Technology positions
  • 14 Instructional and Special Education Assistants
  • $1.5 million dollars in transportation costs including $500,000 in fuel supplies.