Southport 6th Grade Academy is a team organized, student centered school designed to meet the needs of young adolescents. The Academy has six academic teams; each team includes two Language Arts/Social Studies teachers and two Math/Science teachers. We currently have six teams with approximately 120 students per team. Team teachers work and plan together to provide opportunities for exploration and development of academic skills. Our team structure provides a smaller learning community for students and the basis for effective home-school relationships through frequent and meaningful communication and planning.

Students attending Southport 6th Grade Academy take one period of special area classes. This period includes eighteen weeks of Physical Education, nine weeks of Art, and nine weeks of World Cultures. Students are also provided with the opportunity to participate in Band, Choir, or Orchestra.

The Academy offers a variety of after school activities. Students can participate in athletics, clubs, and other special events.

At Southport 6th Grade Academy, the success of each child is insured through our Student Services team. Student Services connect parents and students with the appropriate programs. These services can be accessed through our special education staff, school counselors, school nurse, Adult and Child, and social worker.


Student-centered instruction to promote continuous growth and achievement.


Intentionally empowering students to perform to high expectations through collaboration and engagement in dynamic learning opportunities.


Perseverance. Respect. Integrity. Dependability. Empathy.


Visible Thinking. Measurable Growth. Differentiation.