Spirit Days

Spirit Day Guidelines:

Students who donate $1 on the first Friday of the Month (see dates below) can choose to participate in our Spirit Days.

What can I wear if I donate $1?

  • Normal dress code bottoms (knee length) with Southport spirit shirts
  • Solid, navy blue or black jeans with a spirit shirt
  • Solid, navy blue or black jeans with normal dress code tops

Unacceptable Clothing

  • Any bottoms that do not come to the knee or with the legs rolled
  • Leggings, yoga pants, skinny jeans, sweatpants, athletic pants, and stretch material
  • Jeans other than navy blue or black (no tie-dyed or camo)
  • Hooded shirts
  • Jerseys (other than a Southport jersey that has sleeves)
  • Elementary or homemade spirit shirts
  • Tops or bottoms with holes, rips, tears, cuts, frays, patches, or inappropriate or excessive designs (beyond pockets)

Click here for a visual of What To Wear / What Not To Wear.

*If students choose not to wear the appropriate clothing they’ll call home for a change of clothing or work in In-School Suspension for the day.

Upcoming Spirit Days:

8/5 – S6A Help a Student Fund
9/9 – Ovarian Cancer
10/7 – Breast Cancer
11/4 – Hunger Inc.
12/2 – Indy Fuel Teddy Bear Toss
1/6 – American Heart Association
2/3 – Pennies for Patients
3/3 – S6A Help a Student Fund
4/14 – Riley Dance Marathon
5/5 – S6A Scholarship 

Theme Days:

There will be 3 special event days this year:

9/2 – PTSA Southport Sprint
2/14 – Glow Lunch
3/24 – S6A Color Blast (date could be adjusted pending weather)

Only students signed up to participate in the events will be permitted to dress out of dress code based on the attire recommended for the events.