Clubs, Activities & Organizations

A wide range of activities is available to students through which they can pursue and develop their individual interests and skills. All organizations are periodically reviewed to determine if they are continuing to maintain the criteria required:

  1. An organization must serve a need not already met by an existing organization.
  2. An organization must be educationally sound.
  3. An organization must have a faculty sponsor.
  4. An organization must have a constitution.
  5. All actions of an organization are subject to administrative approval.

A student may hold more than one office simultaneously in one year in all other organizations. A potential candidate for any office, however, should weigh carefully the demands of the office, his/her school schedule, and other responsibilities before running. If a student feels that holding an office will jeopardize his/her best effort in any area, then he/she should not run. If a student holding an office fails to meet its obligations, the sponsor may replace him/her.