National Honor Society

The Southport Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in 1945. Membership is based upon scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Students may be selected for membership in their junior or senior year. The criteria for membership are as follows:

I. Scholarship: Grade Average: 3.6 or above (3.7 or above effective 2022-2023 school year)

II. Character: Personal Assessment Evaluations average of 4.0: (based on a 1-5 scale)) completed by SHS staff

III. Leadership and Service: The Candidate:

  1. Has held or holds active membership in school clubs, organizations, sports, or other extracurricular activities and/or community-related services.
  2. Not only successfully holds school offices or positions of responsibility but displays leadership qualities commensurate with the position held.
  3. Demonstrates reliability and dependability.
  4. Displays leadership qualities in the classroom, the school, or in community activities.
  5. Inspires positive behavior in others, whether as a leader or a member, and
  6. Exemplifies positive attitudes.

Membership is an honor bestowed upon a select group of students, and final approval of the candidates for membership is made by the Faculty Council on behalf of the administration and the school faculty.