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SHS Spring and Summer Soccer Conditioning

Hello everyone,
I want to thank all the students that were able to make it to the soccer call out meeting on Wednesday. We ended up with over 75 students total from all three grade levels. I have listed more information below based on questions that were asked and I hope this will clear up any confusion for parents and potential players.
* Training will begin on April 12th and will be from 315-445. Tuesdays will be at SMS and Thursdays will be at SHS at the same time.
* Physicals should be completed after April 1st. Forms can be located on the school athletic website or you can contact Coach Cory for a paper copy.
* Players will need to be signed up in Final Forms and that can be done online as well. Instructions are available on the website.
* Training sessions are not mandatory. If the student is playing a Spring sport that is priority number one. This is extra training and conditioning to prepare for the upcoming fall season.
* Transportation will not be provided. This is why one day is at SMS and one Day is at SHS.
* Running shoes and cleats (if they have them) are needed and students must bring their own water. Shin guardsĀ are not required.
I hope this helps anyone who is interested in training after Spring Break. When the physicals are done you can give them to Coach Cory or drop them off in the Athletic Office down by the gym. If you need help or have questions do not hesitate to contact Coach Cory. Thank you again and I will see you all very soon. Go Cards!
Coach Cory

SHS Spring and Summer Conditioning