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On Thursday, Mrs. Langdon’s preschool class walked around the entire PTEC building searching for leaves to collect.  Not only did they find a wide variety of leaves, they also found other things that had fallen from the trees.  They found seed pods, buckeyes, and pine cones.

IMG_2073 IMG_2039 IMG_2060 IMG_2078

Mrs. Langdon’s class-
Front Row: Chan Lian Uk, Willingson Lai, Gabriel Garcia, Bawidawtbik Vuangtu, Maddy Simmons, Mai Thang
Middle Row: Van Bik, Mason Rockel, Drew Burton, Asher Hoffman, Victoria Dahn, Tiallian Mang, Paul Van Malsawn
Back Row: Mrs. Langdon, Layla Norris, Sarah Souchon, Ava Mulder, Tiara Marsh, Verona Orme, Mrs. Stringe