Bus Schedule & Stop

The Perry Township Schools Transportation Department provides bus transportation for students to and from school, educational field trips, athletic trips, and all other approved activities. Transporting students safely is the priority of the Transportation Department.


Three-tiered bus schedule

Tier # School Times Schools
Tier 1 7:10 am-1:55 pm (M,T,Th,F)
7:10 am-1:30 pm (W)
Perry Meridian High School
Southport High School
Tier 2 8:10 am-2:55 pm (M,T,Th,F)
8:10 am-2:30 pm (W)
Perry Meridian Middle School
Southport Middle School
Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy
Southport 6th Grade Academy
Jeremiah Gray Elementary School
Rosa Parks Elementary School
Jeremiah Gray Kindergarten Academy
Rosa Parks Kindergarten Academy
Winchester Village Elementary School
Tier 3 9:10 am-3:55 pm (M,T,Th,F)
9:10 am-3:30 pm (W)
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Glenns Valley Elementary School
Clinton Young Elementary School
Douglas MacArthur Elementary School
Homecroft Elementary School
Mary Bryan Elementary School
Henry Burkhart Elementary School
Southport Elementary School
Douglas MacArthur Kindergarten Academy
Homecroft Kindergarten Academy

Download the Three-Tiered Bus Schedule PDF