The Success Academy is a 45 Day Program focused on preparing middle school students for High School. The program is built upon positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment. Students are identified by the middle schools and invited to participate. All students who complete the program will leave with a fully developed “High School Success Plan” that will help guide students to success at the next level.

We also support our four kindergarten academies and 11 elementary schools with our SOAR program. SOAR is focused on supporting students who require behavioral intervention. Students participate in our program for short periods of time and then return to their homeschool. JWR teachers and staff work collaboratively with the homeschool in order to support the student in the best way possible.


Our program is conducted within a single 9-week or 45 day grading period. We will invite students to attend prior to each new grading period. Parents and students will conduct an intake conference with the JWR administration before the grading period begins. During the 45-day program, the units below will be studied. Each unit will last exactly one week. During the last week of the program, students will make a final presentation that will serve to summarize their full experience as participants in the program. Students that complete the program will also be expected to stay connected with the JWR staff.


A person’s character ultimately affects every aspect of one’s life. Your character influences every thought and decision you make.This week we will examine our own character traits and understand how to grow our own character.

This week we will focus on our unique strengths. The Golden Buddha reminds us that regardless of our “clay exteriors” we all have valuable gifts within us.

Life is like football – there are many positions in life. Understanding healthy relationships will no doubt help a person succeed. No one succeeds alone.

Goals and Expectations
Focusing on what’s behind you when you drive leads to crashes. While being aware of where you have been is helpful, our eyes must stay focused on the road ahead.

Honesty and Integrity
In a world that can easily fool us, it is important to be grounded in the truth.

Discipline allows us to build a bridge over the deepest ravines. While it might take some time, once the bridge is built, it will remain forever. Discipline is the bridge which allows us to reach our goals.

Plain and simple – You don’t climb mountains without putting forth a great deal of effort. Doing something difficult is OK. Staying determined and overcoming obstacles and challenges only makes the reward that much sweeter.