Posted on February 7th, 2024

Icons for Google Keep, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail

Google Keep: Create notes, checklists, and reminders that are available at all times on any device. Label and sort your notes with tags. Share a note with friends, teachers, and classmates. Pull notes from Keep into a Google Doc or Google Slides presentation.

Google Calendar: Google Calendar allows you to schedule due dates and appointments, as well as plan your time. In a shared calendar, multiple people can view and create events. All Perry Township Staff and Students have access to Google Calendar.

Google Drive & Gmail: We all end up with lot of ‘stuff’ in our Drives and inboxes but there are several tricks that you can use to help you find things more easily. 

  • Keep your files and emails in folders! 
  • The search box is your friend! Both Drive and Gmail are searchable. You can search by file type, the name of the person who sent you an email, the date something was created or modified, and many other criteria
  • Use clear and simple file names and email subject lines. This makes it much easier to search for your files and messages AND to tell what their contents are without having to open and read them.


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