K-6 Everyday Math Resources

Everyday Math Perry Twp Resources

General Websites

Math is Visual
“This website was created to assist in building a better conceptual understanding of mathematics through the use of visuals.”
Grades K-8

Open Middle
“Challenging math problems worth solving.” A collection of math problems at all grade levels that rely on higher order thinking skills to find solutions.
Grades K-12

Visual Patterns
A collection of over 250 ready-to-use patterns. Good visuals for teaching pattern recognition and linear functions.
Grades K-8

Would You Rather Math
This site poses fun and challenging math questions. The situations are usually drawn from real world circumstances and often have no definite right or wrong answer. Students make their decision and justify it with mathematics.
Grades 4-12

Math Interactives, Games, and Logic Puzzles

Game About Squares
This game is about logic and spatial reasoning. It begins very simply but quickly gets challenging.
Grades 4-12

PhET Interactive Simulations
A collection of math and science simulations and games for topics stretching from area and perimeter up through calculus.
Grades 3-12

“Free, curriculum-aligned math game.” Skills practice and test prep in a format that kids enjoy.
Grades 1-8

Video and Podcasts

Fun and lively videos about math by people who love math. The calculations are often higher level, but the discussions of problem solving, patterns, and practical applications are valuable even if you aren’t following the details.
Grades 4-12

Explore quirky playlists like ‘Doodling in Math Class,’ ‘Mathmusician Stuff,” and ‘Thanksgiving: Edible Math.’ Vi’s engaging voice overs are matched with colorful doodles and live action visual aids.
Grades 4-12

See the News and Current Events, Research and Reference, and Video and Podcasts pages for additional resources.

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