Assessment Tools

District Provided

Canvas Quizzes
The quiz feature in Canvas allows teachers to create and give assessments, have them automatically graded, review and adjust scores, and have the grades imported directly into their Skyward gradebook. Visit the Canvas Commons to see what content is already available for your curriculum. Many of our teachers have shared their assessments and even imported tests and quizzes from our textbook series.
Grades K-12

Google Forms
Google Forms has a quiz setting (under the gear icon) that allows you to make a form into a quiz, assign a point value to questions, and allow auto-grading. Forms results can be viewed in forms or exported into a Google Sheet for easier analysis.
Grades K-12

Pear Deck
Student responses from a Pear Deck interactive presentation are saved once the session is ended and can be viewed in detail later, either for formative assessment or to take a grade. Unlike the other tools in this section, however, Pear Deck does not have the ability to automatically grade responses.
Grades K-12

SMART Response 2
SMART Response is now a built in feature of the SMART Lesson Activity Builder in Notebook. Teachers can create and launch assessments directly within Notebook and students can complete them using their Chromebooks.
Grades K-12
Lesson Activity Builder How-To
SMART Response 2 Tutorial

Free Online

Fun multiplayer quiz games that also provide rich class and student level data for teachers. Search a library of already created games or create your own custom quiz. Quizizz uses a leaderboard to give the motivation of friendly competition while allowing students to complete the game at their own pace.
Grades K-12